Friday, August 15, 2008

The Wind

The Wind
by Matthew H. Burns (August 2008)

The Wind here is Lonesome.
It moans around the corner of this house
Searching for companionship.
It imbeds its wail upon my psyche
And brands my soul.
It carries the hopes and dreams of the past
And remembers.

The Wind here is Lonesome.
It contains illuminated visions of plenty
Though banished to darkness.
It cleanses this land in its sweet solitude
And renews the Earth.
It is part of this mountain,
And calls me Home.


Shirley Stewart Burns, Ph.D. said...

This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Tipper said...

I love the lonesome wind!

Granny Sue said...

Vivid imagery, Matthew. I didn't know you wrote poetry.

I've got Larry reading your blog now. He loved the snakes and sang post.