Friday, March 6, 2009

Appalachian Diamante

I've been playing around with a new (well, new to me) type of poetry, it is called Diamante poetry. I think it is pretty neat. Here is my first attempt at it.

Green, majestic
towering, welcoming, providing
graceful, alive, barren, desolate
lacking, wanting, polluting
dead, forsaken

It is harder than it looks, here are the instructions in case you want to try it.

Line 1: Noun or subject
Line 2: Two Adjectives describing the first noun/subject
Line 3: Three -ing words describing the first noun/subject
Line 4: Four words: two about the first noun/subject, two about the antonym/synonym
Line 5: Three -ing words about the antonym/synonym
Line 6: Two adjectives describing the antonym/synonym
Line 7: Antonym/synonym for the subject.

I'd enjoy seeing any Diamante poems that you all can come up with. If you'd like to email them to me, , I'd be happy to include your Diamante poem (with your name) to this post.


Granny Sue said...

Fun, isn't it? I've written a few, but not for a while. I may have to give it another go.

Shirley Stewart Burns, Ph.D. said...

This is wonderful! You are a truly talented man and never cease to continue to amaze me with all of your gifts.

Tipper said...

Neat!! The only kinda poetry I can write-is where I have specific instructions! I'm going to give this a try. Thanks for detailing it!

The Tile Lady said...

It does look hard...I tend to write free verse so I won't have any real restrictions. :-) Could use some fences to stay inside! Will have to give it a try.