Friday, June 5, 2009

Eggology 101

The following poem is from the book "Have-A-Look Poems" by B. Wees dated 1946 in Elkins, West Virginia.

Egg-ology by B. Wees

Old Farmer Corn Tassel remarked to his wife,
As he hung up his hat on a peg:
"I'll be jiggered if I can see, for my life,
How a black hen can lay a white egg!"

Said Mrs. Corn Tassel: "Just take my advice,
Your question's both silly and vague.
When you hear the hen cackle, just remember the price,
And go fetch home the egg!"

Chicken Coop at Granny Sue & Larry's Homestead.


Janet, said...

I like his style of writing!

Matthew Burns said...


I like him too. There are a few others in the book that I really like and will be posting in the weeks to come.

This is the same author who wrote "On the Greenbrier" which I posted some time back. You may remember it as the poem that kept repeating "On the Greenbrier where the Wilmoth's make their camp."


Shirley Stewart Burns, Ph.D. said...

I love the picture at Granny Sue and Larry's! :-)
The poem is neat as well.