Saturday, September 27, 2008

First Frost

Well Folks, Just a quick post to let you know the old saying still hold true. After you hear the first fall cricket, it will be Six weeks until the first frost.

As you can see in my post from August 13, 2008 that was titled "Fall Crickets"
that using my Grandmaw Mary's time-honored tradition of utilizing fall crickets to determine weather, I estimated the first frost on the mountain to be September 24, 2008 (give or take a few days). Well, this morning the prophecy was fulfilled when it frosted. Today is the 27th of September, so it is still within the margin of error.

Sure, the frost was wimpy, and it was light, but it was the first frost none-the-less. It was also unexpected, since it has been raining for the past day or so, and last night was really foggy. Apparently, the fog lifted just long enough for it to frost. It was a balmy 29 degrees early this morning, and the smell of wood smoke from morning fires to keep the dampness at bay still hangs in the air.

My Grandmaw Mary sure knew her stuff.


Janet said...

Well I'm ready for fall. But not quite ready for the first frost yet.

tipper said...

It frosted a few counties west of here that morning too. Just a light one-but still a frost. Seems your indicator did indeed work!

Granny Sue said...

Now that's early, Matthew. Of course, she's up on the mountain. It was chilly when I got up but no frist here yet. I think it may be an early one, although I didn't think to record when I heard the first cricket.Next year!