Saturday, September 20, 2008

On The Greenbrier

The Greenbrier River in Pocahontas County, WV. Photo courtesy of

From the book, Have-A-Look Poems, by B. Wees, published in 1946 in Elkins, WV

On The Greenbrier
We’ve been restin’ from our labors.
Visitin’ our friends and neighbors,
Takin' what we’ll call a little “auto tramp,”
Down in Pocahontas County,
And partakin’ of their bounty,
On the Greenbrier where the Wilmoth’s have their camp.

There are “paw” and “Maw” and Frances,
And Lorain who loves nice dances,
And Em’ly who delights to swim and tramp,
All on deck but “Peesly”—Russell,
Who will soon get out and hustle,
To the Greenbrier where the Wilmoth’s have their camp.

When the sun shines hot and “blazy”,
Feller gits so all-fired lazy,
Hasn’t energy enough to lick a stamp,
He jes’ slides into the water
Like a muskrat or an otter
In the Greenbrier—where the Wilmoth’s have their camp.

‘Lon jes’ delights and glories
In a tellin’ big fish stories—
Whoppers that “out-whop” Aladdin and his lamp—
Why, the fish that swollered Joney
Wasn’t nothin’ like as tony
As the ones he ketches there at Wilmoth camp.

When the thunder rolled and rumbled,
And the black clouds whirled and tumbled,
And spilled some rain that seemed uncommon damp,
Don asks: “Tell me what we will do?”
Frances sez: “We’ll rust and mill-dew”—
On the Greenbrier where the Wilmoth’s have their camp.

When the katydid and cricket
Start their music in the thicket,
And the lightnin’ bug hangs out his tiny lamp,
The folks gather laughin’ lightly
‘Round the camp-fire burnin’ brightly,
On the Greenbrier where the Wilmoth’s have their camp.


Shirley Stewart Burns, Ph.D. said...

We should all have such a camp on the beautiful Greenbrier.

tipper said...

Sounds like a fun place to be!

Janet said...

Wilmoth's camp was something else, wasn't it. My cousin used to have a camp on Williams River just outside of Watoga State Park. It was nice. There was a house nearby where bats lived in the attic. They would sit out in front of their camper at dusk and watch them as they came flying out.

Matthew Burns said...

Funny you should mention Williams River. I was just listening to an old folk music CD and there was some storytelling on it. The lady who was telling stories and singing talked about growing up on Williams River (or Williamses River as she called it) and talked about an old man who ate owls. It is a really good CD. The name of the CD is "Traditions of West Virginia Family & Friends" by the Hammons Family. All the stories on the CD are from that area. My favorite is Hink Cogar's Deer Ride!


Granny Sue said...

That is a good CD, Matthew. I remember going to visit the Hammon's graves up near Edray. It's a beautiful place.

The Williams River is one of larry's favorites to fish. He has a lot of stories about it; I've been a few times, the trip I remember most being the one to get ramps. It was cold and rainy but we got a good mess and shivered wet all the way home.

Granny Sue said...

I love how our blog friends meet and connect. Seeing familiar names here meakes me feel like I just walked into the kitchen and friends were visiting.