Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Remembering Droop

A cabin on the Droop Mountain Battlefield, it serves as the park museum, 18 Oct 2008

The Ghosts of Droop Mountain
by T.C. Leonard

In the misty Blue Ridge Mountains
Where Lee and Stonewall held command
There rides a headless greycoat soldier
Who leads his vengeful rebel band
His charge stopped by a Union cannon
Which knocked him from the horse's back
The rebels turned and ran for cover
While the yankees sounded the attack
Now he leads his troop, all branded cowards
Up Droop Mountain bugles blow
To win back the lost position
They gave up seven score ago
The locals say there is a legend
Sometimes a cannon shot rings out
In the fog atop Droop Mountain
The rebel soldiers turn about
Unlucky passers-by have seen them
But their leader once again did fall
Atop an unmarked rebel gravesite
Near a yankee cannonball.

Confederate Cemetery on Droop Mountain, 18 Oct 2008.


Jason Burns said...

You didn't mention the ghost that sits on the cannon.

Matthew Burns said...

No, i didn't mention the ghost on the cannon, of course, I didn't mention anything. Someone else wrote that poem.

Where is that ghost story you said you'd send me?


Janet, said...

I loved the poem, very fitting for this time of year.

tipper said...

I can almost hear the sounds of war. I've never heard it before-neat poem.

The Tile Lady said...

I'm awed...would love to visit this site! What a wonderful poem about it!