Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Riddle Me This

Okay, today I'm gonna try something new on the blog, and something I've seen work with fantastic results on the Granny Sue Blog. I'm going to have a contest among all the readers of this site who want to join in. These riddles come from the book, "German-American Folklore" edited by Mac E. Barrick. Mind you, some of these German riddles can be the obvious!

Just leave a comment with your answers to enter this amazing contest!! Prizes will be awarded!

1) What goes through a creek with six legs and gets only four of them wet?

2) What passes in front of the sun without casting a shadow?

3) What stands on one leg and has its heart in its head?

4) What is it? The more you eat, the more you have?

5) What is it? He who makes it does not reveal it; he who takes it does not recognize it, and he who recognizes it does not want it?

6) How much dirt is there in a hole that is a foot square and a foot deep?

7) Your mother had a child, which is neither your brother nor your sister. Who was it?

8) Where did Noah hit the first nail?

9) What kind of stones are found in the river?

10) What is blacker than a crow?

11) What has more feathers than a goose?

12) Why does a miller wear a white hat?

Whomever gets the most correct answers (or the most original) wins a nickel's worth of five dollar bills and a mention on this blog.

Answers will be revealed in 2 days.

Good luck.


Janet said...

OK, here goes.
1. Rider on a horse
2. wind
3. cabbage
4. weight-lbs.,etc
5. coffin
6. none
7. you
8. on the head
9. wet
10. his feathers
11. 2 geese
12. to keep his head warm

Granny Sue said...

Fun! I'll bite!

1. a man on a horse--or it could be two men carrying another (bad night out on the town!)

2. air?

3. artichoke?

4. bellyaches! or could be bowel movements ( now that's gross...)

5. credit card?

6. nothing in the hole--you took the dirt out.

7. me!

8. on the head

9. wetstones (play on words, whetstones?)

10. two crows

11. geese

12. Why not? a hat is a hat, for all that.

Nance said...

I just found this site a few days ago . . . I found it through granny sue where I've been lurking longer than that. I'm always wanting to win something (and don't) so here, I'll give it a whirl.
1) a man on a horse
2) must be the wind
3) Artichokes have hearts -- and one root?
4) FAT! and I should know!
5) Casket
6) no dirt
7) That's ME!
8) obviously, on the head
9) wet river stones!
10) a dirty crow?
11) more than one goose
12) he stole it from the Chef!

Byron Chesney said...

1) A Blue Jay sitting on a pig's back.

2) Time

3) Maybe a really nice one-legged man?

4) Peanuts and peanut shells.

5) The Flu

6) Probably the amount that fell back in after I shoveled it out.

7) That'd be me

8) Probably on his thumbnail.

9) From my experience, slick, wet ones.

10) A crows heart

11) A large turkey.

12) Is this the kind of miller that flies around the porch light or the kind of miller that sews? Or perhaps it is one of my buddies, Jim Miller, he would never be caught wearing a white hat. I give up on this one!

That was fun!

Lucky13 said...

1. Man riding a horse...wait! Aahhh! He's headless!!!!
2. Could be the Earth or other planets?
3. That thing!!! You know, the one with a pair of hands that holds up the heart and goes down at an angle...ohhh! It's a "thingie". Yes, that's it and you can find it in gardens, cause it's a sculpture too.
4. More of you to love!
5. I got it!! It's a virus or some sort of illness! Yuck!
6. Depends, where'd you put the dirt?
7. Believe it or not, I had to cheat on this one, I'm headed for more coffee...but it's me, duh.
8. The nail of his thumb...you have to start somewhere.
9. Yup, they're wet stones.
10. The angus cow looking over the fence at me when I have my morning coffee...I think she's a nosey partner.
11. The whole flock.
12. Ok, I'm a Va. girl, I give, what's a miller?
This was fun! I've enjoyed your stories for a while now, I came over from Granny Sue. The two of you always ensure I start my day peacefully.

The Tile Lady said...

Here's my try:
1. a horse with a rider
2. the moon
3. cabbage
4. gas?
7. you
8. on the head
9. smooth ones (or wet ones)
10. his eye
11. two geese
12. because flour is white

tipper said...

Riddles make my brain hurt Matthew-probably cause I was never good at figuring them out! Looking forward to seeing who wins.