Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Sunny Day in Autumn

Theodor Kramer, German Poet (1897-1958)
Give me to die some sunny day in autumn…

Give me to die some sunny day in autumn-
already raw and sharp - when frosty lines
and breezes sweep round house and barn that fraught'em
with smells of dying weeds and rotting vines.

Let me inhale the scent of shells decaying
that fall from nuts, and let me watch the plow
uproot and bury fraying stubbles swaying
in fat soil furrows to the final bow.

For then I might believe that such law's ending-
as rots the grape draff and thereby
renews the soil - would grant me equal standing:
It will ensure not all of me will die.


TINTIN said...

I love autumn ^^

wheel excavator said...

not bad.

excavator for sale said...

very clever.

CrazyBunnyLady said...

Great poem, great pictures.

tipper said...

I think the old poem sums up Fall-and the pictures you've added just make it.

Kathy said...

I came over by way of Granny Sue and I'm sure glad I did. You have fantastic pictures and combine them with wonderful words. I will be back for another visit soon.

The Tile Lady said...

The photos are just breath-taking! It is so gorgeous there! And loved the poem. It went with the scenes of your world so well.