Sunday, October 26, 2008

UFO's Over Pendleton County

The Pendleton Times,
Thursday, February 16, 1967

Are They Flying Saucers?
Unidentified Flying Objects Sighted Over Pendleton

Two unidentified flying objects were observed in the sky over the Reeds Creek area of Pendleton County approximately 12 miles north of Franklin Monday afternoon.

The two objects were observed by Mr. and Mrs. Carson Waggy of Reeds Creek for several minutes, and one of the objects was sighted by Mrs. Reed Waggy, also of Reeds Creek, just before it disappeared from sight.

Mr. and Mrs. Waggy described one of the objects as having a conical shape similar to an ice cream cone or a dunce’s cap. It was circular and tapered up to a point and was flat on the bottom. The other object was shaped like a dinner plate with a section broken out of it. It was circular around about three-quarters of its circumference with an indention in one side of it.

The objects were described as having an aluminum color and being very bright in the sunshine. They made no noise.

Carson Waggy said he sighted the objects when he looked up into an apple tree on his Reeds Creek farm which he had just finished pruning to make sure he had not overlooked any limbs that needed trimming. It was about 4:15 p.m.

He called to his wife who was at a nearby barn milking a cow and directed her attention to the objects. She glanced up and sighting the objects, she said, “Why are they hanging over our alfalfa field?”

Mr. Waggy said the conically shaped object appeared to be hovering in pretty much the same position. He said the odd-shaped object was spinning around and it would move away from the other object and then return to it. He said it did this three or four times while he and his wife watched them.

[Illegible due to sticker]

Mrs. Waggy said that when the conically shaped object would turn over on its side they could see that it tapered up to a point. She said it reminded her somewhat of a gourd with an elongated stem.

Mr. and Mrs. Waggy watched the objects for several minutes and then Mr. Waggy jumped into his pickup truck and drove down the road to his brother’s house a half-mile away to inform him of the strange craft. Upon informing his sister-in-law, Mrs. Reed Waggy, of the objects, she ran into the house to get a pair of binoculars. She returned just in time to get a glimpse of the conically shaped object as it disappeared over the mountain.

Mr. Waggy said one of the most amazing things about the objects was the speed at which they left. He said they hovered around in a relatively fixed position for several minutes, and then they left in a terrific burst of speed in an easterly direction.


Lindah said...

Very interesting! Were there ever any investigations or explanations regarding the sightings?

Matthew Burns said...

No, there was never any investigations of any kind, that I know of, on this. I don't even think it got coverage outside of Pendleton County. We are kind of in our own little world there, even now, so it was even more isolated in the 60's.

I love looking through old newspapers, you never know what you are going to find. They are so much more colorful than today.


The Tile Lady said...

Matthew, I have given you an award! I hope you will come by my blog and retrieve it. Love you blog, and wanted to share it with others.

tipper said...

I love the line where the Mrs. asks why they are hovering over the alfafa field. Neat old article!

Matthew Burns said...

The Tile Lady,
Thanks for the award, and for the kind remarks about this blog on your blog. Do I need to do something to retrieve the award? I've never received anything like this before so I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do.

I also looked at your other blogs, about the painted tiles, they are amazing. You are certainly gifted.

Thanks again,

The Tile Lady said...

Matthew--so glad you were happy to receive the award. I really do enjoy my visits to your blog! The stories are awesome and the photos great. I hope you have some new readers as a result of the award.

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Take care!

The Tile Lady said...

Really interesting! You do find the most amazing things in old newspapers...I love searching them myself as well.

The Tile Lady said...

Matthew, I am way behind in reading your posts and also in looking at a lot of my other friend's blogs and well, I have been meaning to comment on YOUR comment on my blog for several days! Forgive me! I loved that you wrote to me on my My World Tuesday post that you have a degree in Wetlands Management and particularly loved the Dismal Swamp post. I am so thrilled that I foundnd this out about you, because I already knew that you are a fascinating person who writes well, loves the mountains and has great posts! I didn't know you studied swamps in your college days, and now I feel like I know you a lot better. I am planning on getting my Master Naturalist certification, and am extremely interested in native American plants. But, I love all nature, and was entranced by the Dismal Swamp from the moment I became acquainted with it. The duck nesting boxes are in bad disrepair, I am afraid to say, and I have wondered if I might have as part of one of my Master Naturalist projects, be able to do some work on helping to rebuild them. I would enjoy that. Whoever built them in the first place, have left them to deteriorate and did not keep them up, and I hate to see that. I did see ONE wood duck once. I don't often see wildlife on my drives around the periphery, but we saw a bald eagle once and a huge snapping turtle once and white egrets occasionally. And yesterday I saw a wild turkey cross the road and head into the swamp.

Thanks for your comments, and it's so good to hear from someone else who cares about the wetlands, too! Look for my next two My World Tuesdays--there will be more about the Dismal Swamp!