Thursday, October 16, 2008

Riddle Me This Contest Results

The Results are in and we have a Winner for our Contest titled "Riddle Me This". I thank everyone for joining in the fun, it was good to see how different folks minds work, and how they come up with different answers. To me you all are winners, but I guess that'd be a cop-out, especially since you all are competing for such an illustrious prize. So, thanks to all who played. The winner will be announced at the end of this post.

1) What goes through a creek with six legs and gets only four of them wet? The correct answer is “A man on a horse”. He very well could be headless, especially after reading the "Haunted Horseman" post. I reckon the “blue jay on a pig’s back” technically works as well, but then again, every pig I’ve ever seen cross a creek either takes off swimming or else wallows around in the water.

2) What passes in front of the sun without casting a shadow? The correct answer is “The wind”. Obviously, I’ll accept air as well.

3) What stands on one leg and has its heart in its head? The answer I was looking for was “A Cabbage”. Also, an artichoke fits the bill, too. I’m guessing not to many Germans eat artichokes though.

4) What is it? The more you eat, the more you have? The answer given in the book is “Walnut shells”. Of course, peanuts/peanut hulls also works here. But you know what, I think “Fat” is the better answer. For all of you who have eaten real German food, I'm sure you noticed that Fat isn't an issue. Fat=Flavor!

5) What is it? He who makes it does not reveal it; he who takes it does not recognize it, and he who recognizes it does not want it? The correct answer is “Counterfeit Money”.

6) How much dirt is there in a hole that is a foot square and a foot deep? Most of you got the correct answer “there is no dirt in the hole.” The most original answer was “the amount that fell back in the hole”. This answer obviously comes from someone who has experience digging holes.

7) Your mother had a child, which is neither your brother nor your sister. Who was it? This would be you.

8) Where did Noah hit the first nail? The obvious answer is on the head. Some of you must have wanted to see Noah in pain since you had the poor fellow hitting his thumbnail.

9) What kind of stones are found in the river? The answer I was looking for was “wet stones”, but a few of you took it one step further and came up with “Whetstones”. Very clever.

10) What is blacker than a crow? Why, his feathers are blacker!

11) What has more feathers than a goose? Remember I told you that many of these old German riddles had obvious answers, well this answer to this one is “two geese”.

12) Why does a miller wear a white hat? The same reason anyone wears a hat, “to cover his head”.

By my reckoning and calculations, the scores are as follows:

Janet-10 correct

Granny Sue-9 correct

Nance-9 correct

Byron Chesney-5 +2 bonus for being so funny=7 correct

Lucky13- 5 correct+2 bonus for the angus cow answer. I love cows.=7 correct

TheTileLady=7 correct

Tipper-Honorable Mention for leaving a comment. She must have thought this was an entry for The Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes. She figured the odds of winning and the prizes are about the same here as there.

So, drum roll please………drum roll…………………………………and the winner of the October 2008 Grand Prize of a Nickel’s Worth of Five Dollar Bills is………………………………………….Janet!!!

Congratulations Janet. I’d ask for your address to send the Grand Prize but I can’t figure out the exact change!! So I’ll just mention you on a blog post.


Janet said...

Just my luck, my first contest win, and it's a nickel's worth of 5 dollar bills. It was fun.

Matthew Burns said...

Yep, there ought to be a law against people running scams like that,lol.

I thought it was fun too.


Byron Chesney said...

Congratulations Janet. I thought I was a shew in with the blue jay on a pig's back answer... ;)
Yep, lots of fun!

tipper said...

Congrats to Janet! The truth about me-I was too lazy to figure any of the riddles out! But thank you for the honorable mention.

The Tile Lady said...

This was so much fun!!!! My Dad loved trying to answer them too when I read it out loud! He has Alzheimers, and this kind of thing is good for him. Anyway, congrats to Janet! YEAHHHH!

Lucky13 said...

Congratulations Janet! Matthew, this was a lot of fun. Thanks for the smile to start the day.